Fee Structure

BIS, BIS School

Fee Structure & Rules

1. Last dates for depositing 1st Installment, 2nd installment, 3rd installment and 4th installment are 15th April, 15th July, 15th October and 15th January respectively. For new admission, fee must be deposited within 10 days of the date of admission.

2. Late fine will be imposed after the lapse of last date for fee deposition in each quarter.

3. Schedule & Amount of late fee will be as follows:

From 15th to 30th April/ 31st July/ 31st Oct/31st Jan Rs. 50
From 1st to 15th May/ 15th Aug/ 15th Nov/15th Feb Rs. 100
From 15th to 31st May/ 31st Aug/ 30th Nov/28th Feb Rs. 500
After 31st of May/ 31st Aug/ 30th Nov/ 28th Feb Re-Admission
fee of Rs. 3500

4. Above mentioned fine can be exempted in case of late deposition where school shall receive an application duly signed by parents mentioning the reason for late deposition of fees and also they must clearly mention the time by which they will be able to deposit the fee.

5. Also only one such application can be given in one quarter. Moreover, School Management must be satisfied with the reason mentioned in the application. This application must be given by parents themselves in school office latest by 10th of first Month of every quarter.

6. If a student fails to pay the school dues for 45 days from the last date of deposition in each quarter then Re-Admission fees of Rs. 3500/- will be charged.

7. Whole quarter fee of the student is chargeable if the student has attended the school even for a single day.

8. Fee & other charges once paid, will not be refundable in any case even if the child has not attended the school for a single day.

9. All School dues are accepted in cash only at the bank authorized by the school.

10. Each student will be issued a printed Fee Book indicating the amount payable which should be presented at the Bank Counter, duly filled in & signed in triplicate by the respective Parents/Guardian.

11. Two counter foils will be detached by the Bank and the third copy is meant for the parents for their records.

12. Parents should preserve the receipt, to be produced, if demanded by School.

13. In case of loss of Fee Book the School Office should be informed immediately. A new Fee Book will be issued on payment of Rs.50/- only.

14. Overwriting of any sort in the Fee Book will make it invalid and in such cases, will not be accepted.

Note: It is not the duty of the school authorities to remind you to deposit the fee of your ward on time.