Kindergarten Hues

BIS, BIS School

We believe that education is not only a tool to achieve professional milestone but also by a means to make lives better. This belief is practiced by every member of Bedi International. We consider every student to be unique and strive to offer a platform that lets them discover their own special light at their own place.

Various competitions and events were held throughout the year to enhance and encourage the hidden talent and skills of the kindergarten students. English and Hindi Story Narration and Recitation Competitions were organized for the pre-primary students, in which children gave wonderful performances with actions and props.

Colouring competition was organized for the students in which they used their creative skills on the given picture beautifully by filling it with different shades. Fun races were a lot of fun with the groups of kids. To make the students aware about the International Energy Day special assembly was organized .On this day, different kinds of races like Toffee race, Balloon race etc. were also held for the students in which the students participated with great enthusiasm.

Umbrellas always attract children as rainbow which they simply adore so as to tell the children the importance of colours and to correlate it with umbrella, Umbrella Day was celebrated in the school. The dance was also organized for the students. They enjoyed a lot and also came to know the importance of umbrella during rainy season.

Special Assemblies were organized for the students to get aware of important days like World Earth Day, Labour Day, World Laughter Day, World Population Day, International Energy Day etc. On these days different activities were also being done by the students like Bindi Pasting, Collage Work, Cotton Pasting, Thumb Impression, Paper Folding Activity etc.

Mother’s Day was celebrated in which cards were being made by the students for their mothers through which they showed their love and affection towards their mothesr. Mothers also took part in this activity by decorating a doll for their kids. They got this opportunity to show their talent and creativity. They were also being awarded by the gifts by the management.

In this year our school took part in world laughter day. So our school organized special assembly on this day to mark the World Laughter Day. The purpose of celebrating this day was to spread the message of happiness among the students and let them know the importance of laughter. The message was given to the students through talk show, radio jockey show, laughing exercise, poetry recitation.

The celebration of national festivals has been an utmost important part of our school curriculum so to pay homage to our freedom fighters, Independence Day was celebrated and different tricolor Activities were conducted like Envelope Making, Head Bands and Party Cap by using tricolor papers.

Gandhi Jayanti and Shashtri Jayanti were also celebrated in the school campus where children offered flowers to the images of Gandhi ji and Shashtri ji. The atmosphere was echoed with the bhajans of Gandhi ji.

Krishna Janmashtmi was celebrated with great enthusiasm at bedi international school, on 16th august,2014. Celebration began with the worship of lord Krishna. On this day, class decoration competition was held in which students came beautifully dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha.

The most exciting event was held that was Diwali Celebration marked as Red Day Celebration. On this day, students came in red dress to celebrate Red Day and they also gave the message to celebrate Diwali by saying “No To Crackers”.

Christmas was celebrated with full spirit in our school with the beautiful depiction of the birth of Lord Christ by the primary wing students. Students enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree, bells, etc. The different activities were organised for class P.G to U.KG. like bell decoration, tree decoration, santa cap making, santa mask making.

Basant Panchmi was celebrated in the school premises with the great zeal. The students were explained the importance of Basant Panchmi by the teachers and to mark the day, they came in yellow dress and were looking very smart. The celebration came enveloped with the understanding of its rich historical importance.

Fancy Dress Competition for kindergarten was the most awaited event, as it is always a pleasure to watch the toddles dressed up as different characters and stuttering away in their speech. The children enjoyed participating and dressing colourfully. Thanks to parents for great collaboration.

BIS, BIS School BIS, BIS School