Vision & Mission

BIS, BIS School

Our Vision

To propagate an educational system which is child-centered,nurtures the innate talents,grooms the overall personality of an individual and brings forth responsible citizens of our nation.


Our Mission

To kindle the spark amidst the young saplings,provide amicable learning sensitized by latest technology and add vibrant hues of excellence in the life of a child.


Why Us ?

“Good schools like good societies and good families Celebrate and Cherish diversity”.

It is a place where children learn enough worthwhile things to make a strong start in life, where a foundation is laid that supports later learning and where children develop the desire to learn more. Specifically it mirrors a broad, base and realistic curriculum with subject matter, chosen not only for its relevance to higher education and jobs but also for family and community membership.

We have the best infrastructure of High-tech Computer Lab for Technology based Learning along with well equipped digital smart boards and projects, tied up with Teach Next Company as Content Partner and to give the best of Physical Education KOOH Sports and Fit Start also as our Educational Partners. Our well equipped Science Labs inculcate positive approach of students towards science. To top the innate talent of children multifarious activities are organized. We emphasize on overall grooming of our students.

We have a common understanding of goals, principles and expectations for everyone in the learning community along with a group of individuals, dedicated to describing what students need to know and be able to do. We believe………..

“The essential dynamic is the equity and diversity must be a part of every aspect of education”.