Parent's Speak

Dear children,
Your school is not only a structure of bricks, cement and sand, steel bar but it is a garden of flowers of different species of plants, you are on e of the best flower of high yielding variety saplings.
Teachers are your gardeners to cultivate your all inner most qualities with nutrients of dedication, hard work and maturing with moral virtues. They irrigate new generation of society with their sweat of hard working and caring attitude.
We as a guardian of Bedi International School, admire highly because of an able guidance is provided under one venue. The enlighten knowledge of Principal Madam provides each and every student an equal opportunity to provoke his talents. All teachers are being reverenced for their missionary vision. In school premise many activities like game, skit, drawing, art craft, inter school competition and also for parents many obligation are given shows Bedi is different to others. Honourable Chairman Sir and all management, I salute you for your tireless effort and generous behavior.

Ram Mohan Tiwari
F/O Addwait Mohan Tiwari(II C)

"Education is what remains after one has for gotten, what one has learned in school:" I found the school to be a platform where my ward nurtured her talents and the efforts are made for the development of child in every field. The Bedi International SCHOOL IS a very nice school with very good "Teaching Faculty". It has all the facilities required for a good school like clean classrooms, playground, digital classrooms, etc. the transport facility in this school is very good. All the teachers of the school are very polite and sophisticated. This is one of the best school in Bareilly.

Mrs. Geeta khare
M/O Akanksha Khare(Xl-B)

"To see our child wake up each morning and look forward to go to school is the first sign that there is something about the place that a young mind discerns, as a place where he feels welcomed and accepted. We kept seeing the growth phase of the organization, especially one with the bold vision and an equally audacious execution plan. The education system is so well worked out that each child seems doing plethora of works with great enthusiasm and energy. The school is a fine blend of ethics, culture, academics and co-curricular activities which can channelize the energies of child into constructive future. We are thankful to Management, Principal Ma'am and teachers for their continuous support and motivation."

Pankaj Saxena
Ekta Saxena (PGT-Comp. Sc. )
(Parents of Akhand Pratap - VA)

My loving daughter Yashika Sehgal has been studying in this prestigious and reputed school. My concerns have always been dealt with immediately and all issues have been resolved. I love the way Mrs. J.K.Sawhney Ma'am and all the teachers, teaching assistants and office staff interact with all the children. The children am encouraged to be the best they can be. I love the way that credit points, certificates, medals and awards are given for different qualities. The lessons are well constructed and organized. The school days seem to be very structured and there is a good balance between learning and leisure. The students are engaged time to time in co-curricular activities which always bring out their talents. I with that this school, teachers, staff and children may shine like a bright star.

M/o Yashika Sehgal (IV)

"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll learn."
-Benjamin Franklin

Bedi international School has been striking its brilliance in making every child studying in their esteemed school to make their voyage towards learning year by year. Such erudition is a shared effort of all concerned teachers and authorities. The school own offbeat skins which makes it different and unique for itself in the arena of education, Bareilly. We wish you a good luck and best wishes foryour forthcoming ventures.

Dr. Madhusudan Astekar
Dr. Sowmya Astekar
(Parents of Miss Tammana M Astekar, VI-B)

My son, Abhigurjot Singh Grewal studies in Bedi International School in class VIA. Now, I am fully satisfied with this school, its management and well qualified staff. I am very happy with the progress of my son. I honestly recommend this school to all my friends and family.teachers are very caring and disciplined. I really appreciate the option of Punjabi subject in the curriculum of the students as well. Respected Chairman sir and Principal mum are like two strong pillars of the school. They both are the perfect example of the perfect modesty with some strictness. They always take personal interest in academics as well as extra curricular activities. I wish that this school may always shine like a bright star.

Mr. Kamarpreet Singh Grewal(ADVOCATE)
(Father of Abhigurjot Singh,VI A)

I extend my happiness and heartiest appreciation to Bedi International School on occasion of release of School Magazine .I vision students of school to sparkle and succeed in their life and excellence. The will to win ,the desire to succeed, the way to reach your full potential can be seen here. These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. Bedi International School is based upon involving teachers, parents and children. Management is based upon mutual respect, support and understanding. It is enthralling to see that the school which was planted as a small sapling has grown to huge tree and is bearing fruits .Every part of school is experiencing and learning to cope wider social environment. I am glad that Bedi International School has build a bridge for every students to his future by offering a dedicated Faculty both in or outside the classroom. Finally I take this opportunity to congratulate all the Faculty , Management and Principal, with Blossoms and long life.

Dr. Avnish Kumar Trivedi(Dept. of Anatomy)
Rajshree Institute Of Medical Sciences,Bareilly
(F/O Mas. Yuvraj Trivedi, Class – V B)

We are feeling felicity while writing about Bedi International School as we are the members of Bedi International Family since its inception. Our daughter started her journey of schooling in the lap of nascent Bedi International School. We are the witness of each step school is taking for its amelioration .We love its motto not simple education rather ‘EDUTAINMENT’, which is the call of the era in favour of a child. The CCE activity based learning and provision of solution sheets are some of the best practices applied in school. A positive atmosphere is always felt in school. Chairman, Mr. Amandeep Singh Bedi is such a concerned person that whenever we call him in any regard he always came out with the best solution mingled with care and concern. Principal, Mrs. J.K. Sawhney is a lady with good organizational, administrative and human qualities. Teachers are also so compassionate and handle children in such a way that they never feel bare of love and care during school hours. We are so contented that both my daughters are now a floret of this garden and we hope that the school will provide them perfect set of circumstances that their potential is allowed to flower. We appreciate the stupendous efforts made by the school. Enhancement of physical education status is desirable in this regard. Wish you all the best for your future endeavor.

Mr. Shashank Tiwari
Dr. Ajita Singh Tiwari
(P/O Prashasti Tiwari (IV-A), Anchita Tiwari(II-B))

Bedi International School is a nice school with good Teaching Faculty. It has all the facilities required for a good school like playground, smart boards, clean classroom, etc. Most of its students are disciplined. The transport facility in this school is very good. All the teachers in this school are very polite and sophisticated. One more thing that I like about this school that it is having digital classrooms which satisfies the motto of this school i.e. ‘Taking Education Towards Edutainment’.

Mr. K.P.Singh
Manager(OBC BANK)
(F/O Vanshika IX C)