Primary Years

BIS, BIS School

Primary Section "Year Round Up"

“The wisest investments are made in good health intervention activities”.

Colouring Competition

To promote the expression of beauty and creativity a colouring competition was organized in the month of April. The students exhibited their talents in this competition with zeal and energy. They made lovely and imaginative drawing using their creative skills.

English Composition Writing

In order to give exposure and enhance the writing skills of the students English Composition Writing was conducted in the month of April. All the students tried best to outshine one another. It was conducted to provide a platform for children to display their latent talent of writing skills.

English Spell Check Competition

The students were given ample opportunities to show their latent talent through Competitions like English Spell Check Competition. This competition gave the opportunity to the students to check their vocabulary knowledge.

Fun Races

To celebrate International Labour Day Fun Races were organized for the students. Students took part in these races enthusiastically and enjoyed very much in races like Frog Jump Race, Getting Ready for School Race, Balloon Race and Toffee Race. The pride of achievement was clearly reflected on the faces of the students.

English Calligraphy Competition

To celebrate International Energy Day English Calligraphy Competition was organized for the students in the month of May. The students expressed their dexterous writing skills in this competition. This competition was organized to improve the students’ handwriting. In this competition the letter formation and neatness in the formation of writing was judged .Students wrote very neatly and beautifully.

‘Mother; An epitome of Love’

To honour the love of all mothers, the Mother’s Day was celebrated by card Making Activity. Students made beautiful cards for their mothers to pay homage to them.

English Story Narration

In order to give exposure and enhance the speaking and pronunciation skills of the students an English Story Narration Competition was conducted in the month of July. They narrated interesting stories about fairies, plants, animals etc. All the students tried their best to outshine one another Students’ self confidence and leadership quality was judged by this competition.

Universal Tie Knot

The eternal love for their brothers was exhibited by the girls by Rakhi Making Activity. They made Rakhi for their brothers and boys also made Thank You Cards for their sisters. They showed their love for their brothers and sisters by taking part in this activity enthusiastically.

English Poem Recitation

Poems are expression of one’s feeling and to enable the children to express the poetic beauty with emotions, correct pronunciation, intonation and expressions Inter Class English Poem Recitation Competition was held in the month of July. The students exhibited their talents in this competition with zeal and energy.

Talent Show

To express their respect and gratitude towards the teachers, students presented their talent by Talent Show on 4th September, 2014. Students’ performance on different dance forms, skits, poems, singing of songs and mimicry certainly added to the spirit of the day’s event. All the viewers were simply spell bound.

Kavita Vaachan

As a mark of honour of our National Language Hindi Diwas was celebrated. On this day, Kavita Vaachan Pratiyogita was organized. Students’ performances mesmerized the audience and they also understood the importance of Hindi language. It was really appreciated as the participants recited the poems with perfection and proper pronunciation.

Hindi Sulekh Competition

Sulekh means sunder lekh. It means copying some matter in clear and good hand writing. To honour our National Language, Hindi Sulekh Competition was organized in order to improve the students’ writing. All the students tried their best to write creatively and neatly.


Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline that aims to transform body and mind. It also helps the children to develop self confidence and calmness which helps them to deal with different emotions. Students in BIS were taught by the coach different asanas which required balancing poses. They were also taught by him how to lead a healthy life style.


National Olympiad was conducted in the school in which students participated for subjects English, Maths and Science. It was a nationwide talent search contest that aimed at locating and identifying talent amongst the younger generation. It was a national level competition focusing on mental ability, logical and analytical reasoning.


Taekwondo combines combat and self defence technique with sport and exercise. The Taekwondo in school program introduced school students to Taekwondo through a short course provided as part of the school’s Physical Education and Sports Club. This had been specially adapted to the needs of students in a school environment and included basic techniques, use of safety equipment and self defence.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell Competition was held in the classes. In this competition every student came with an object which was described innovatively and creatively. They even managed to include a social message in the descriptions. They spoke about the life of a pen, Kiddy bank, how you can save money, their favourite gadgets like a mobile, fan, camera etc. Students were very excited and participated whole-heartedly in this competition. This competition helped the students to gain confidence and improve their vocabulary and skills of public speaking.

BIS, BIS School