An Innovative Endeavour

BIS, BIS School
BIS, BIS School

Innovative Endeavor

Bedi International envisages a plethora of innovations to bring forth a holistic approach for the overall development of a child. The famous gospel 'Child is the educator of man' holds good at our Institute as we earnestly aspire to garnish the innate talents of a child and mould him to be the future educator of our nation. Some of our innovations are enumerated as under:


Asssembly in the morning marks the beginning of a day in our school. In this citadel of learning students line up, fold their hands together to sing out the prayers and hymns enlightening their religious vistas. Classwise Assembly Presentation is promoted in which the students come up roll-numberwise to read out the news, pledge, a moral thought, views on a topic, G.K questions and amazing facts. Vocabulary Enrichment is an important integral of Morning Assembly. Each day a new word is given to the students with its meaning. They have to memorise it and the next day they are asked to tell the word, its meaning and frame a sentence for it. Credit points are awarded to children who participate in Assembly as a motivation. Birthday Celebration of children during Assembly is also an important feature of the school. Special Assembly is organized on specfic days e.g Earth Day, No Tobacco Day, World Aids Day etc to create an awareness among the students.


Evolving the concept of Finishing school, this module has been meticulously designed. From class III onwards every child is subjected to various club activities according to his interest. The clubs include Creative Designing, Performing Acts, Public Administration, I.T Club, Eco-Club, Science Model Club, Personality grooming & English Communication club and games & sports. Thereafter the students are counselled and helped to shape their career according to their respective interests and talents.


To provide an insight into the various activities that a child does in the School and the galaxy of competitions he participates in over the span of an academic session, an individual album is provided to children exhibiting their photographs.


To motivate the students and to boost up their morale positive credit points are given to them in various spheres which include Random Questoning Sessions(RQS), Quest (questions asked by students from the faculty), Homework completion, Assembly participation, Communication in English, Competitions and Project participations. If a child gains above 40 credit points then he is given an award equivalent to that amount. Simultaneously, to maintain discipline on the campus various negative points are also given to students for every default they may commit.


'Learning by doing' forms the ethos of our academic starta. After explanation and discussion sessions in our classes, students are encouraged to self-attempt various questions and exercises of a chapter. Thereafter students are provided with Solution Sets of every chapter in each subject to cross check their mistakes and rectify them. These solutions also help students to update their work in case they are absent or their work is incomplete due to any other reason specially helping the slow writers in the class.


Worksheet concept is followed while planning the homework. Creative and analytical worksheets are designed for the students based on the work done in the respective classes. Students are given grades for the same. Home work days for specific subjects are fixed in the Homework Planner, Revision Assignments are also provided at the end of every chapter to the students.

CCE Approach:

Continuous and Comprehension Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of School-based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of students' development.To make it 'continuous', regularity of assessment, frequency of unit testing, diagnosis of learning gaps, use of corrective measures , retesting and feedback of evidence to teachers and students for their self-evaluation is provided. The'comprehensive' facet of the evaluation covers both the scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of students' growth and development. Scholastic domain incorporates four Formative Assessments are carried out in the form of unit tests, oral questioning, projects, quizzes, field visits, assignments and group discussions. Assessment in co-scholastic areas is done on the basis of Indicators of Assessment, Portfolios and Check lists.


English is the compulsory campus language of the Institution. Lot of emphasis is given on the communication skills of the students. Conductive environment in the campus is provided for the same. Regular classes are held for communication using power point presentation and MP3s. For motivating the students positive credit points are given to a student if he continuously communicates in English throughout the month and negative points are given to those students who are found not communicating in English. English communication Lab would soon be set up to further enhances the concept.


As an innovation, breakfast facility would be available for all the children in the school. This would substitute the cold food a child may have to consume from his tiffin. Moreover the breakfast provided in the School would be according to a proper diet plan and also highly nutritious. Junk food would be totally avoided. This facility would be optional.


It comes as a boon especially for the working parents. This facility is available upto 4:00 p.m. During this span breakfast and lunch is provided to the students. It also encompasses home work classes, remedial tutorials and other co-curricular activities under the individualised chaperonship of our faculty.