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An electrifying day at school as Class VIII took charge on Energy Conservation Day! Students engaged in hands-on activities, exploring the power of conservation through experiments. The creativity flowed with a poster-making activity, visualizing our commitment to a sustainable future.


Our school grounds came alive with excitement during the Annual Sports Meet and Christmas Carnival graced by Honourable Chief Guest Dr. Atul Kumar Singh Tomar, Principal Scientist, Animal Husbandry ICAR-IVRI, Bareilly. Colorful balloons marked the opening ceremony, and the day was filled with sports events, food stalls, fun games, and a live orchestra. The highlight was a magical Disney World dance by our tiny tots. The Basketball Match Fathers vs Male Teachers was a thrilling event. The day ended with a grand Prize Distribution, and Hillcrest House secured the Overall Championship Trophy. A day of joy, laughter, and cherished memories!

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