Secondary Section


  • Hi-Tech lecture rooms with Smart Board and Projectors where teaching is done through 3D Animation and simulations there by providing E-Learning and E-Teaching.
  • Seminar center where all activities, performances, competitions workshops and seminars are held.
  • Modern well equipped and spacious labs.
    • (i) Biology Lab which is the center of learning about living beings and living process
    • (ii) Physics Lab, a center of experimentation with physical laws of nature.
    • (iii) Chemistry Lab is the center of learning chemical nature of things.
    • (iv) New Robotics Lab has brought Robotics revolution as various components, aspects and applications of robot system and AI programs are taught.
    • (v) Computer Lab offers technology based learning. Special emphasis on teaching students to make presentations, learn graphic designing during software and to learn multimedia.
  • Digital Library for the students.
  • A well-curated library of over 5000 collections of Story Books, Novels, Reference Books and Question Banks serves as a hub for research and reading.
  • Sprawling play fields with facilities of various indoor and outdoor games viz. Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Table Tennis and Skating.
  • Wi-Fi campus.
  • Secure campus under CCTV cameras surveillance.


  • School follows the curriculum as per CBSE and NCF.
  • National Education Policy (NEP) guidelines are strictly followed.
  • Multiple streams provided to the children these include:
    • Science Stream: English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Maths.
    • Commerce Stream: English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics.
    • Humanities: English, History,Poly. Science, Psychology
    • Elective Subject: Physical Education, Computer Science, Hindi, Geography
  • We offer Coding, I.T., Yoga as skill subjects.
  • Competency Based Learning - children are subjected to answer the questions which are based on understanding beyond the text and analyzing the chapters based on the given situations.
  • Book reading is emphasized.
  • Self-Study Sessions are regularly conducted for children at least thrice a year in which only two subjects are taken up for the whole day in the school. During these sessions children learn their lessons in the school itself thereafter problem solving is done and children are assessed there and then based on Self Study done on a particular day.


  • Continuous assessment of students is done which includes two Term Exams and two Unit Tests/ Periodic Tests for classes IX and XI and Term Exams and two Pre-Boards for classes X and XII.
  • Tests after completion of every chapter in all subjects are also conducted from time to time.
  • Projects and Assignments given in various subjects are also assessed.
  • Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills is done in languages to improve the oratory skills of the children.
  • Students Portfolios are prepared and used for their final evaluation.
  • Enrichment Activities are conducted to help students to do Experiential Learning which are assessed throughout the year.
  • To inculcate creativity in every subject Art Integrated projects are given and made a part of Evaluation and Assessment.
  • Time bound sample paper practice is done for classes X and XII.
  • Practical exams of students are conducted to assess their learning in various Labs.
  • Activities like Work Education, Health and Fitness and Seva are assessed as per grade system.
  • Co- Scholastic Activities like Music and Dance are also a part of assessment for overall development of students.

Teaching Methodology

At Bedi International School, our teaching methodology is designed to ignite the flames of curiosity, nurture a love for learning, and provide an enriching environment that supports the holistic development of our students.

  • Lesson plans are crafted in advance by teachers.
  • Utilization of digital smart boards for enhanced teaching methods.
  • Teachers foster a loving and caring attitude towards students.
  • Implementation of a credit point system to ensure student engagement.
  • Regular random questioning sessions are conducted in every subject.
  • Regular Self Study Sessions are conducted.
  • Incorporate interactive discussions.
  • Focus on application-based approach for students.
  • Hands on and problem solving activities.
  • Project-based learning, and real-world applications are followed.
  • Special doubt clearance sessions are conducted.
  • School management and the principal actively participate in day-to-day affairs.

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