Middle Section


  • Composite lab
  • Well Ventilated smart classes with Smart Board
  • Projectors
  • Robotic Lab
  • Music Room
  • Well stocked Libraries
  • Spacious Playground
  • Dance Classes with equipped instruments


  • In compliance with NEP 2020 we follow a 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 system in which the child spends 3 years of learning in the middle stage classes (VI -VIII) and finally 4 years in the secondary stage.
  • Extra classes for weak students are conducted frequently to help the children overcome their weaknesses in academics.
  • Various club activities are conducted for the children every day to help them groom their personality. We have the following clubs:
    • Public Speaking club
    • Reading and comprehension club.
    • Science club.
    • Dramatics club
    • Farming and agriculture club
    • Information technology club
    • Current affairs club
    • General awareness club
  • English communication is strongly focused in the campus in which every child is asked to communicate in English in the campus and again credit points are given to the children who make good efforts.
  • Subject Enrichment activities like debates, extemporary, quizzes, group discussion, extra are also conducted from time to time.
  • Everyday after assembly extempore is conducted in all classes in which the children are given topics randomly to speak upon. The motive of extemporary is to develop the confidence of public speaking admits our children.
  • Class wise innovative assembly are also conducted in which the children express their thoughts views and also present skates and dramas on occasion of special days which are celebrated in the campus.
  • Information technology (I.T ) is taught as a skill subject.


  • Holistic Approach Two units and Two Terms are adopted.It plays pyotal roles in student’s academic journey which provides a systematic way to assess a students understanding of recently covered syllabus.
  • Subject Enrichment in all the subjects done in which all the subjects get connected with creativity.
  • Random Questioning Sessions is conducted after every chapter two assess the understanding level of the children who answer correctly which is the great motivation for our students.
  • Worksheet and assignments are a part of continuous assessments.
  • Project work in different subjects are also assigned from time to time.
  • Health and physical education which includes games health and fitness and Sega is also assessed on a 5 point grade scale.
  • Discipline is also a part of assessment to inculcate moral values and lead students a disciplined life.
  • Co- scholastic activities including art education music and dance are also sessed on 5 point grade scale.
  • Continuous Assessment of Two units and Two Terms are adopted.
  • Tests after competition of every chapter in various subjects are also conducted from time to time.
  • Projects are also given for various subjects which are included in the assessments.
  • Assessment of English Speaking Skill is done in languages to assess to improve tha oratory skills of the children.
  • Practical exam of student’s are also conducted to evaluate their learning in various labs.
  • Competency Based Learning.

Teaching Methodology

At Bedi International School, our teaching methodology is designed to ignite the flames of curiosity, nurture a love for learning, and provide an enriching environment that supports the holistic development of our students.

Play-Based Learning and Hands-On Experience: Our curriculum is crafted around the principles of experiences. We believe that active participation in learning activities enriches a child's educational journey and fosters a deeper understanding of subjects.

Play-Based Learning and Hands-On Experience: Our curriculum is crafted around the principles of play-based learning and hands-on experiences. We believe that active participation in learning activities enriches a child's educational journey and fosters a deeper understanding of subjects.

Socio-Emotional Health: We prioritize the emotional well-being of our students. Through our teaching methods, we promote socio-emotional health, teaching students to navigate their emotions effectively and develop strong interpersonal skills.

Experiential and Inquiry-Based Learning: We encourage students to question, explore, and discover through experiential and inquiry-based learning. This approach stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach: To make learning content more engaging and relevant, we employ a multi-disciplinary approach in our lesson planning. This approach helps students connect knowledge across different subjects and contexts.

Multiple Intelligence Approach: We believe in recognizing the unique strengths in every child. Our robust counseling department identifies and addresses various learning styles, ensuring that every student can flourish.

Holistic Development: Our commitment to holistic development extends beyond academics. From 'No Bag Days' to regular quizzing, we prepare students to thrive in the practical world while fostering a stress-free learning environment.

Constant Support: We provide unwavering mental and emotional support to our students, helping them find resilience and optimism even in challenging times.

Use of Smart Boards: Our teachers harness the power of audio-visual aids and smart boards to make lessons engaging, effective, and captivating.

Best of Both Worlds: Our lesson plans benefit from the best practices of both systems.

Hands-On Teaching and Learning: All our activities are meticulously designed to foster alertness, awareness, and active participation in the learning process, ensuring students remain fully engaged in their education

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