School Rules & Regulations

Bedi International School set under the aegis of Guru Granth Sahib Educational Society is a co-educational School which follows CBSE pattern. It follows a code of conduct which forms the ethos of this citadel of learning.


  • As per CBSE norms 75% attendance is compulsory for a child to appear in the examination else he/she will be debarred from writing the exams.
  • Students should treat school staff with respect at all times and be courteous to fellow students.
  • Students will refrain from damaging any form of school property. The school reserves the right to be compensated by the student for any such damages.
  • Unacceptable behaviour including academic dishonesty, neglect of homework, disruptive behaviour, chewing of bubble gum in school, hitting other children within school campus or outside and disrespectful behaviour towards staff or fellow students will lead to immediate suspension of the child.
  • For safety and security, parents should refrain from sending money valuables (like expensive jewellery, electronic items, etc.) to school. with their child.
  • Only parents or registered guardians are entitled to attend the PTM of a child. Guardians must have an authority letter duly signed by the parents to attend the PTM.
  • Students are expected to dress and behave in a manner appropriate to the membership of the school and should observe the prescribed uniform regulations throughout the school day and on occasions as announced by the school.
  • Neat and tidy school uniforms recommended by the school with identity cards must be worn daily by the students. Students without the same will not be permitted into the school premises.
  • Socks and shoes as per sample approved by the school must be worn by the students.
  • Girls should have their hair plaited or tied neatly and non Sikh boys should have their hair trimmed and beards are not permitted. Hair may not be coloured, tinted or highlighted. NO FANCY HAIR CUT FOR BOYS OR GIRLS IS PERMITTED. The school believes in simplicity and students are not permitted to wear ostentatious or expensive items like jewellery, fancy or smart watches, wristbands or similar accessories in the school. Only plain white colour hair bands, ribbons, rubber bands, belts etc. are allowed.
  • Sweaters/Cardigans should be as recommended by school only. No other colours or fancy designs will be allowed in the school premises.
  • Fingernails must be cut short and kept clean.
  • Mobile and other portable devices like Ipads, Ipods, and Tablets etc. are not allowed to be used. And uploading pics/ videos on social media is not allowed. All such devices, if found, will be confiscated by a member of the school staff and will lead to immediate suspension of the child. Moreover devices will only be returned back to parents later by the Principal only after calling them to the school and paying the fine of Rs 1000.
  • Any misbehaviour or violation of school discipline will be dealt by the disciplinary committee and corrective action will be taken. In extreme cases parents will be called in to discuss the child's behaviour and may lead to suspension or expulsion from the school.

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